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  • Odes to the loss of innocence
    The Globe and Mail (subscription), Canada -
    By ROBERT EVERETT-GREEN. The cheap irony that became popular during the nineties is dying a slow, hard death. When it's finally in ...
  • Anniversary Odes
    Miami New Times, FL -
    Dinner and a movie was so last weekend, and besides multiplexes are either filled with the clich├ęd summer blockbuster movies you've already seen, or the ...
  • Odes to Mr Goh
    Straits Times, Singapore -
    but only seven managed to say their thanks, with one even crafting a poem titled Ode To SM Goh Chok Tong. We bring you extracts from their speeches. ...
  • Odes to the Underground
    Washington Post, DC -
    By John Kelly. We use that phrase to describe an athlete or a racehorse. And now, we can use it to describe public transportation in Washington. ...
  • "A World Without Fire" - 4
    Daily Kos, United States -
    ... suited her mood. She liked the Odes of Brachus as well, with their jolly mirth and praise of a good life well lived. A thing which ...
Odes is the title of an album of Greek Folk Songs by Vangelis and Irene Papas. All of the songs are traditional, except two which are original compositions by Vangelis.

  • Les 40 Braves (Gr: Σαράντα Πάλικαρα; En: The 40 Young Men)
  • Les 40 Braves describes 40 young men on their way to conquer the city of Tripolitsa during the Greek War of Independence.
  • Neranzoula is a description of a small orange tree, which is analogous for the state of Greece during Ottoman occupation.
  • Les Kolokotronei were one of the most important Greek families in the Greek Resistance and Independence movements.
  • Lamento is sung by the mother who has lost her son, a fisherman. The song describes her pain at her loss.
  • Menousis describes the events of a character in folk tale (who was probably a real individual), who in his drunkeness kills his wife because of her supposed infidelity.